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Impression taking is an important method for the indirect inspection of surfaces. To achieve the high quality required in modern labs, the products used in the process must ensure highly accurate impressions that truly represent the surface structure to be examined. Depending on the processing method and the level of accuracy required, we recommend using Technovit 3040 or a silicone-based product of the Provil novo series. With an impression accuracy of < 0.1 μm, eachimpression is as detailed as the original!

Designated use is the taking of impressions for the inspection and measurement of surface structures where high precision is required.

Precision impressions are used in many fields and industries including:

  • Wear assessment
  • In-situ metallography
  • Mould taking for restoration and mineralogical
  • Examination
  • Reconstruction of damage incidents
  • Forensic examinations
  • Optimisation of processing technologies

Reasons why impressions are taken:

  • Sample is too large or too heavy for lab inspection
  • Testing must be non-destructive
  • Area to be examined is not accessible with measuring
  • İnstruments
  • Wear documentation
  • Measuring of initial samples and prototypes




Technovit® 3040

The two-component polymer consists of a powder and a liquid component. Depending on the requirements, the resin can be mixed at ratios between 1:1 and 3:1 (powder:liquid). This allows for the casting of shapes and the taking of impressions in areas that are difficult to access, and for the application of the resin on vertical or overhead surfaces. For the production of impressions on vertical or exposed overhead surfaces, pour Technovit 3040 onto a PE foil and press the resin against the area to be captured.

At a standard mixing ratio of 2:1, the resin can be poured for approx. 2 minutes and remains subsequently kneadable for about 30 seconds. The curing time is approx. 5 minutes.

Available in black and yellow.


Properties and applications


  • Impression accuracy 1 μm
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Easy to remove from substrate
  • Mixing ratio adjustable depending on application
  • Impressions can be examined with feeler gauges or
  • non-contact measuring methods



Provil Novo

Provil NOVO light is a low-viscosity silicone particularly suitable for the casting of complex geometric shapes.

The application system consists of a dispensing gun, double cartridge and mixing cannula guarantees uniform mixing ratios and thus proper and safe use.

With the dispensing gun, the silicone is pressed from the two chambers of the double cartridge through the mixing cannula where it forms a homogeneous compound which is then directly applied to the specimen. To fill small cavities (bore holes, etc.), the system includes special mixing cannula attachments.

Applications and properties


  • Excellent impression accuracy (< 0.1 μm) –suitable for structures of etched surfaces (max. 500:1)
  • Provil novo produces exact 3D reproductions of the treated surface
  • Optimum residual deformation allows for the accurate representation of objects with complicated geometries including undercuts.
  • No errors during processing with easy-to-use self- mixing cartridge system
  • Cost-efficient method – no need for costly equipment, fast application
  • non-hazardous substance without any health or safety risks or transport problems – easy to use and suitable for a wide range of areas